ATTN: NWA Winlink Users, good news!

Northwest Arkansas now has its second Winlink VHF packet gateway up and running in Rogers. We’re excited about improving our local emergency communications infrastructure, aka EMCOMM, so we encourage you to open that Winlink software and test our local gateway.

 If you’re a new operator just entering the hobby or a seasoned Ham and curious about Winlink, be sure to check out the Winlink website to find out more about how you can send email using radio pathways when the internet is not present. All you need is a computer (old or new), an inexpensive soundcard or TNC, your existing radio and antenna. We need your help to improve this together because … when all else fails, Ham Radio!

Winlink Gateway: N5PZ-10, 145.050, FM Simplex,,

More information can be found in this PDF of a short presentation on September 7th, 2023.

Author: Ryan McGuffin

Ryan McGuffin - N5PZ is a retired Grip after 25 years in the Motion Picture & Television Industry. Currently a SCADA Technician for a local water utilities company. He has two energetic boys and a YL that thinks Ham Radio is complicated and expensive, she's right!