Next Club Meeting is 7:00 p.m. Thursday February 3nd, 2022.

Next VE Test Session is 2:00 p.m. Saturday, February 12th, 2022.

We meet monthly for informative and entertaining programs and speakers, old-fashioned ham fellowship, periodic public service projects, and a lot more.  Come join a very diverse group of hams from throughout the 4-States involved in almost every aspect of the hobby.  We’re the area’s largest, regionally focused, amateur radio club.  And we have a place for you!

New Time and Location

Bella Vista Radio Club Meetings

                        Because BVRC has become a regional club, we are looking for a permanent QTH for our monthly meetings that is convenient for most of our members.  The venue also needs to have a large capacity.  We are trying this location and will be requesting feedback after the event.  Please consider joining many of us for dinner and an eyeball ragchew before the meeting.

Nonmembers, guests, and the general public are welcome and encouraged to join us

Our meetings are open to the public and you are cordially invited to attend.

You do not have to be a member to attend, however if you would like to join us, here is our Club Membership Application and Club Brochure.

Win a door prize!

Each month,
we ask our generous members to consider donating good used radio & electronic items for the meeting’s door prizes. You just might Win!

Please consider paying forward your unused radio-related items at an upcoming club meeting! Door Prizes are another great benefit of being a BVRC member!

Club Contact Info

Club Officers

President  Tom Northfell – W5XNA Email

Vice President  Don Banta – K5DB Email

Secretary  Wayne Patton – K5UNX Email

Treasurer  Marc Whittlesey – WØKYZ Email

Public Information Officer  TBD

Technical Officer  Tem Moore – N5KWL Email

Repeater Trustee   Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Member at Large  Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Appointed Chair Persons

Membership Committee  Ron Evans – K5XK Email

VE Testing Committee  Don Cooper – KC7DC Email

Emergency Communications Committee  David Maihofer – ND7C Email

Social Media Committee Clara Orvin – KI5HTX Email

Newsletter Committee  Don Banta – K5DB Email

Website Committee  Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Net Committee  Chris Deibler – KG5SZQ Email

Elmer 911 Committee  Vinson Carter – WV5C Email

Berksdale Golf Course