The Bella Vista Radio Club was pleased to host Ed Calianese, W5SVR.

Ed is from the National Weather Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We had an excellent presentation!

This year once again, Ed Calianese from the National Weather Service office in Tulsa will hold many storm spotter classes for northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas. If you want more information on attending a class, here is the link to go to, it should be updated with the 2024 classes schedule and information very soon…):

Here are some of the links to follow up on for more information.

You may also want to bookmark the following links:

The new Tulsa NWS website

Various Brochures

Spotter Training Card & Certificate

Eastern OK / NW Arkansas SKYWARN page

Take the Storm Spotter Course, Free!

Storm Spotter reports via the web!

Become a Storm Spotter from Home!

Ed also endorsed registration for the BC ALERT system.

You can choose to alert via texts, e-mail or calls.

This is a great service, and free, paid-for by your taxes: