From left to right:   Dennis Tune – W9DCT,   Darrel Johnson – KI5NDJ,  Kathy Bromley – WQ5T,  Mike Calvi – KF5RUO,  Sharron Edmondson – KC5SKY, Jeff Crawford – K5DRJ, Rick Pope – KG5MWG, and Don Banta – K5DB (instructor)

It was a special night for 7 CW Morse Code-ers on Monday evening, August 7, as they received their Certificates of Completion for the second Bella Vista area Radio Club CW Academy.  Classes began on April 3.

The group not only studied and learned the important characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and prosigns), but they also learned to use  “CW shorthand” that operators use during on-air QSOs.  They also studied the CW protocol that is used during an on-air contact.  At the completion of the class curriculum, they are now copying between 5 to 10 words per minute.

A big “CONGRATULATIONS!” to this excellent class of avid CW Academy students, who will make very good CW operators as they progress in the hobby and the mode of CW! 

Author: Don Banta

Don Banta - K5DB was in the transportation industry for 30 years. Don primarily enjoys DXing, contesting, attending hamfests, and helping newcomers get started in the hobby.