The Bella Vista Radio Club

A Place for You!

BVRC is an active club that is on the move.  We enjoy great fellowship, excellent monthly training programs, monthly Volunteer Examiner license testing, and support our communities with a variety of public service projects.

Won’t you join us?

Dues for a “family membership” are only $15 per year, regardless of the number of licensees in your family.

Dues are payable by cash or check to W0KYZ, club Treasurer.
Checks should be payable to “Bella Vista Radio Club”.

Send this application form to Marc Whittlesey, W0KYZ, at the next meeting, or mail your payment with this form to:

Bella Vista Radio Club
c/o Marc Whittlesey
1 Radcliffe Dr.
Bella Vista AR 72714

A 501c3 Orginazation

Email the club application to our Club Email.

You might be interested in the convenience of paying your dues on-line using our new PayPal option.
If so, please remit with your amateur radio callsign, if any, and your contact info to our treasurer, Mark Whittlesey, W0KYZ, at:

73 and Welcome to the club!  We have a place for You!

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Club Contact Info

Club Officers

President  Tom Northfell – W5XNA Email

Vice President  Don Banta – K5DB Email

Secretary  Dana Hill – W5DGH Email

Treasurer  Marc Whittlesey – WØKYZ Email

Public Information Officer  TBD

Technical Officer  Tem Moore – N5KWL Email

Repeater Trustee   Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Member at Large  Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Appointed Chair Persons

Membership Committee  Ron Evans – K5XK Email

VE Testing Committee  Don Cooper – KC7DC Email

Emergency Communications Committee  Chris Ebert – NA0D Email

Social Media Committee TBD

Newsletter Committee  Don Banta – K5DB Email

Website Committee  Glenn Kilpatrick – WB5L Email

Net Committee  Ron Evans – K5XK Email

Elmer 911 Committee  Vinson Carter – WV5C Email

Hospitality Committee  Bill Durham – KG5ZCI Email