Christmas Awards Banquet Meeting

BVRC Christmas Awards Banquet Announcement and RSVP

From Bill Durham, KG5ZCI, BVRC Hospitality Committee Chair

Dear BVRC members,

I know it’s not even Halloween yet and we are talking about the Christmas Banquet (December 7).  Well, that is the nature of planning.  This year we are planning a replay of last year’s event.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  The food will be from Geraldi’s (lasagna, salad, bread).  Deserts will be potluck on a strictly optional basis.  If the spirit urges you to make or buy something, great, if not there is always plenty to go around.  As you might guess, the desserts are my favorite part and having 20 or so deserts to choose from is Christmas without the tree. 

All of this costs money, so once again we will be asking for donations at the banquet, again optional. The suggested amount is $10 per person. Of course larger donations are certainly welcome.

You may bring your donations to the banquet, or for your convenience, you can use PayPal:

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Or, from the PayPal portal on your device, the payment address is:

In the next two weeks we need to get a headcount of the members (and one guest) who will be attending.  Food orders need to be placed and some furniture issues will need to be completed.

Thanks in advance for a timely reply,

Bill and the Hospitality Committee

Please RSVP your attendance for the December 7, 2023 Christmas and Awards Banquet by Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

You are invited to bring a guest to attend the banquet with you. Although there is no cost to attend, we need an accurate count of those attending to plan for the catering.

    Are you attending the Bella Vista Radio Club Christmas Banquet?

    Will you have a guest attending with you?

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    Any comments may be entered below.

    Author: Jan Hagan

    Jan Hagan, WB5JAN, is the current BVRC President. Now retired, Jan was a school Principal and administrator in California, previously KE6BY.