For Sale: Kenwood TS-930S, All Filters, PIEXX and more

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For Sale: Kenwood TS-930S, All Filters, PIEXX and more

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Photos and videos of operations can be seen on my One Drive (I apologize for my subpar video skills!). It puts out 90-100+ watts on all bands (note output on the MFJ autotuner screen):!Ap99Hx64l1UwhNsbqZf ... w?e=ryfMrS

I've owned this 930 for several years and have upgraded it through that time. Serial # 3080123. The 930 is highly regarded as one of the best CW rigs ever made. Read the reviews on eHam if you are not familiar (4.9/5 rating). Unfortunately I rarely get the time to operate, and I'd rather see this rig get the use it deserves.

The PIEXX TS-930SE Enhanced Microprocessor Board is installed ( It allows easy operation with a PC and many other features. I can include the original digital board if you'd like it (works fine). No problem running FT8 or other digital modes and easy logging with this radio.

N3BA TCXO module ( The original optional Kenwood SO-1 is impossible to find. This is an excellent replacement and rock solid stable.

INRAD Roofing Filter ( ... %20Mod.pdf). This made a substantial improvement on an already great radio.

Optional Filters Installed: AM YK-88A-1, CW YK-88C-1 and YG-455C-1. CW narrow and variable bandwidth tuning work great.

Power supply replacement: If you are not familiar, this is a weak area of the 930. I opted to replace it with a well known modification detailed on which is also commercially available as the Compudigital kit ( It has run flawlessly since and much cooler.

The original cooling fans have been replaced with larger and quieter units. They run continuously and keep the rig nice and cool. The lamps for the meter have been replaced with LEDs. Also included is the MC-60 mic (with base), dust cover, service manual with fantastic legible diagrams and the original sales brochure.

I think $700 is a fair price considering everything this includes, but I am open to offers. Just the upgrade parts alone cost me more than this. Email is best contact (good on QRZ) or text 479-295-4859.
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