Guidelines and Repeater Operating Practices

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Guidelines and Repeater Operating Practices

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There has been some discussion about lately, with all the new Amateur Radio Ops coming along, on Repeater Best Practices. Most new hams just need a little guidance, As I am the BVRC 2-meter repeater trustee, here I would like to offer some guidance. ... y-laws.pdf

In our By-Laws, we have an appendix on page 8, that sums up good operating practices. I know that this in an obscure place on the website, and it's at the bottom of our By-Laws, so I wanted to bring this piece of work to light. The appendix on page 8 was written by Fred, K5QBX. The BVRC By-Laws can be found as a link on the "Mission" page over on the BVRC website.

Also Murray, W5XH found this link on the DX Engineering Facebook page: ... and-donts/

This article goes into a bit more detail on the best practices of repeater operations, and is well worth the read.


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Re: Guidelines and Repeater Operating Practices

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Thanks for posting this, Glenn. And not necessarily for the benefit of new hams only, hi!

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