FT8 DXCC Experiment completed!

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FT8 DXCC Experiment completed!

Post by wb5l »

Very Interesting! Our own BVRC member, Don Banta - K5DB also got DXCC on FT8 mode!
Don and friends evem made an excellent presentation to the club on using FT8.
SO . . . it's catching on!

FT8 DXCC experiment completed !

(The experiment to see just how quickly one can get to DXCC using ONLY FT8)

Finally we got it!
On Saturday, 21st of March, we finished the 100 DXCC with 2020 QSOs.

This took 7 days, 7,5 hours (18 hous break) with a small station with 50 wtts and longwire-antenna.

We will publish more detailed statistics in the next few days. First of all, we are happy to have reached the goal. Many thanks to all the HAMS who have worked with us over the last days. You have helped us to reach this goal.

But what can already be said now: You can have different opinions about FT8, but the DXCC is always a milestone that has to be worked out. Every HAM can be proud if he has reached this goal, no matter in which mode of operation!

No matter which mode you use, enjoy your hobby and make the best out of it, it is a great hobby!

The special event QSLs will be sent out via office in the next few weeks, the ADIF-Files will be uploaded to Clublog, LotW and eQSL in the next days.


http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2020/m ... pleted.htm

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Re: FT8 DXCC Experiment completed!

Post by k5db »

Yes Glenn, it was a challenge to a point, but it was fun and rewarding.
BVRC's new Elmer 9-1-1 department chair, Paul - K5YH, also acquired FT8 DXCC!
73 - Don

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Re: FT8 DXCC Experiment completed!

Post by k5unx »

Well congrats to Don & Paul for DXCC using FT8! That is quite the accomplishment.
Wayne Patton

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