NWA Linked System information

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NWA Linked System information

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From: Tem Moore <temmoore@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 3:17 PM
Subject: NWA link system

On January the 24th of 2021 the NWA Link System was turned off because of gross abuse such as constant kerckunking with no station ID, unlicensed users, etc. During the early part of March a decision was made to turn on Mercy 443.175, Bentonville 442.950, and Fayettville 442.000 for a “Test” period. After closely monitoring the three linked repeaters, I am encouraged. I ask all users to please guard this system from abusers. If all goes well, maybe other repeaters will be brought back in. If things get back to what they were, the system will be dismantled. This system lends it’s self well for wide area calling, emergency’s ,nets, and public service events. Marathon rag chews (over 10 minutes) could be done on other local repeaters instead of tying up a multiple repeater linked system. Let’s all be cops on the system as if you personally owned and operated it and guard our precious amateur RF spectrum. Thanks to all.

Tem Moore N5KWL.

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